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Prayer Request - Our Lady of Lourdes
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Our Lady of Lourdes

Prayer for Hope and Faith to arise

(for those who have lost hope)

Your hope arises with each dawn, pushing back the rubble of our lives. Each new day reminds us of your grace, you paint hope across our skies.

Into the deafening cry of hopelessness you whisper love. Love that catches us, holds us. There is no end, just new beginnings. No finish, just new starts.

Into your resurrection we follow you to bathe in hope.

You are alive! Not only in the world but in us. And so we carry your hope within our souls. Help us to lift our eyes, and feel resurrection hope arise in our lives.


Prayer for Hope and Strength

(for those in despair or in great need)

Almighty God,

You reach into the darkness with hope, truth and light. Stretch out your strong hand in this situation, hold and rescue those who have suffered. Let your almighty love move mountains, cross seas and breathe life into the darkest places.

Light that redeems.

Light that restores.

Light that heals.

Light that protects.

Light that saves.

There is nothing higher, stronger or greater than your love.

We trust in you.


Short prayer of hope

Lord Jesus,

Hope overcomes 

Hope heals 

Hope restores 

Hope inspires

Hope conquers 

Hope frees

Hope is your gift to the world

Thank you 





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